WWF Giant Panda T-shirt for boys WWF Red Squirrel T-shirt for girls
Price: £17.50
Price: £17.50
WWf Red Squirrel T-shirt for girls


We are working closely with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). We are putting WWF's branding our our garments and they are using the Animal Tails designs to create a range of beautiful, ethically and sustainably made products for gifts and the home.

Anywhere you see the famous WWF Panda logo you will know that product comes with WWF branding and a beautiful Animal Tails design - visit us again as lots of lovely things are in the pipeline!!

©1986 Panda symbole and ® WWF registered trademark of WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund ) WWF-UK charity registered in England no 1081247 and in Scotland no SC039593

Our ethics.......

We also are ensuring that all our garments meet the highest ethical standards by having them certified by either the Fairtrade Foundation, if they are made in a developing country eg India.

So wherever you see either of the symbol below you will know that that garment meets very high ethical manufacturing standards, to protect the livelihood of the garment workers and it also is made from either Fairtrade cotton and/or organic cotton

Can we help ....?

Contact us on : +44 07939745500 or Email us at : info@animaltails.co.uk

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