Hello, thank you for visiting us here!

We are a small team (Annette, Faezeh, Becky, Ali, Hadley, Liz and Michael) who love animals – probably easy to guess that by our company name.

We also love people and our planet too and see the whole world as our neighbourhood …….

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ – Jesus of Nazareth

…… so that’s why we decided, at the outset (mid 2008), to have all our clothing made from organic and ethically sourced cotton to make sure that our whole supply chain provided for and protected all livelihoods.

In the last few years we have teamed up with WWF (World Wildlife Fund), which has been so exciting – our love for animals deepens!

We have put WWF’s branding on our T-shirts, and they are using Animal Tails designs on other fantastic sustainably produced products.

The great thing about working with WWF is not only does everything we sell help to protect our environment and endangered species, but WWF has incredibly rigorous ethical, environmental and sustainability standards. Every product that is produced with WWF branding and our designs on meets the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Having had to go through the process ourselves we know it is not easy peasy to pass!! My word it was a lot of form filling, testing and certificate finding – I feel the need for a lie down just thinking about it again!!)

New products are arriving soon to compliment our clothing collection, and to start with we have some lovely mugs & magnets – all made in the UK.

Do send any thoughts or feedback to us at [email protected], we would love to hear from you.

Thank you from us all at Animal Tails