5 Household Uses for Alka Seltzer!

Alka Seltzer!When you have heartburn or stomach discomfort, you know the saying. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, oh what a relief it is! is an old tried and true motto that many have come to live by. Sure Alka Seltzer is great for treating your symptoms and making you feel better faster, but did you know that you can use Alka Selzer for so much more? This little tablet can really pack a punch and help you in other ways around the house. Want to know more? Take a look below at 5 household uses for Alka Seltzer that you can try today!

5 Household Uses for Alka Seltzer:

1. Make your toilet sparkle.

If you want to clean your toilet in a hurry, all you need to do is grab a few Alka Seltzer tablets. The citric acid in them works hard at removing stains and built up gunk. Just toss two in the bowl, wait about 15 minutes, and flush. No scrubbing required!

2. Make your own all purpose cleaner.

You can make your own all purpose cleaner using Alka Seltzer in a variety of ways. When mopping, just drop a tablet in your mop water. When cleaning the bathroom, fill your sink with water and add a tablet. Or, when cleaning various rooms of the house, fill a spray bottle with water and add 1-2 crumbled tablets. In all cases, just use the solution on your messy surfaces, scrub, and rinse.

3. Remove burnt food from dishes.

If you have burnt sauce or other food particles stuck to your dishes, just fill your sink with warm water and add 3 tablets. Allow your dishes to soak and watch the baked on food just melt away. This is so easy and gentle on your dishes.

4. Whiten your laundry.

Fill your sink with warm water and add a tablet or two. Then, soak your dingy shirts, socks, undershirts, etc. The powerful effervescence will brighten your whites and get them looking nice and clean. Adding the tablets to your washing machine is not advised. Be sure to soak first as directed and then toss the items in your machine.

5. Freshen your fridge.

If you have garlicky foods or fish in your fridge it can really leave a stench. Banish the smell by placing a coffee cup full of warm water and one tablet in your fridge. Allow it to sit in your fridge for a couple hours to help combat the smell. If it is really bad, use the solution in the cup after the few hours is up to wipe out the fridge shelving.

See how easy and fun it can be to use Alka Seltzer in various ways? It can sure come in handy around the house when you need to do a little cleaning and freshening up. Alka Seltzer can be found at your local retail store for less than a few dollars (and often FREE), so be sure to stock up and in turn, enjoy a frugally fresh and clean home!…