7 Great Vegan Breakfast Choices

When you choose to eat only a vegan diet it can be tough to find replacements for the standard bacon and eggs breakfasts of your past. These 7 Great Vegan Breakfast Choices are not only simple to create, they are truly as delicious as all of your past breakfast choices. Being a vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have hearty, high protein delicious meals. Think outside the box, and include some of your favorite classic foods to build a delicious menu plan that anyone would love to enjoy with you.

7 Great Vegan Breakfast Choices

Oatmeal. This standard in breakfast is so easy to enjoy as a hearty vegan meal. If you like your oatmeal made with milk, simply substitute one of the many non dairy milk varieties out there. Coconut milk is one of the most complimentary for oatmeal with it’s sweetness, but almond, hemp and soy milks are all excellent choices. Load in the fruit, nuts and coconut flakes for a delicious treat everyone will love.

Tofu Scrambles. Tofu is a great substitute for eggs when seasoned with fresh veggies, vegan cheese or even vegan chorizo. You can even eat simply the tofu scrambled with great seasoning as a hearty breakfast choice that mimics eggs you may be missing.

Smoothies. Smoothies are typically made with frozen and fresh fruit, yogurt and juice. Substitute an avocado for the traditional yogurt to keep the creamy texture while adding some healthy fats and delicious flavor. A frozen banana, half an avocado and a handful of fresh berries along with a splash of juice create a delicious smoothie that is hearty and satisfying.

Granola Bars & Trail Mix. From your own homemade granola bars to some of the best healthy organic vegan ready made bars on the market this is a classic delicious vegan treat everyone enjoys on the go. A hearty helping of trail mix is a great way to start the day for those who are too busy to make something from scratch every morning. Mix up your own blend to include cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, raisins, apricots and other dried fruits or coconut flakes to nourish and satisfy.

Muffins & Breakfast Breads. Load up your own homemade muffins with things like fresh fruit, hemp hearts and flax seed or nutritional yeast flakes to build your nutrition while enjoying a tasty vegan treat for breakfast.

Sweet or Savory Quinoa. This grain has gained popularity over the last few years as an excellent substitute for traditional grains with a high protein content. There are dozens of sweet and savory recipes with quinoa at the center. Not only will it be a satisfying meal, but it will give you the energy and protein you need in your diet each day.

Pancakes or Waffles. There are many vegan recipes for both pancakes and waffles that will satisfy that sweet treat craving you may have. Find one that you enjoy and make multiple batches to freeze in serving portions for quick grab and heat breakfasts on the go.

Just because you have chosen a vegan lifestyle you don’t have to limit your food choices. There are so many delicious vegan breakfast choices when you think outside the box, or just think about what you have always enjoyed. Making your food from scratch is almost always going to be required, but when you prepare in large batches you can plan ahead by portioning and freezing for future meals.…

7 Ways to Save on Diapers!

Did you know that the average baby goes through 8-10 diapers in a day? Over the course of a few years, that is a lot of diapers. With that huge amount of diapers comes some big costs, as the average package of diapers can run $10 and up. So what is a parent to do? Luckily, there are some tricks you can try to save money on diapers. You can still enjoy all of the great brands you love and keep an ample supply on hand while keeping a little money in your pocket. Take a peek at these 7 ways to save on diapers and you will find that you will never pay full price again.

7 Ways to Save on Diapers:

1. Take advantage of leak guarantee/try me free offers.

Many diaper companies offer a try me free or leak guarantee offer. Check the packaging to see if the brand you buy does so you can take advantage of it. If the package does not meet your expectations or if you have not taken advantage of the TMF offer yet, be sure to save your receipt, your UPC code, and any necessary form. This is your ticket to getting a nice refund to use on your next package of diapers.

2. Become an Amazon Mom member.

When you become an Amazon Mom member at Amazon.com you can easily save 15-20 percent off each box of diapers you buy. Amazon often offers free trials, which is a great time to order some diapers that will be shipped free right to your home. You can cancel your membership at any time.

3. Stack your savings.

Shop at stores like Target where you can stack your savings and really save. For example, you can use a Pampers coupon for $1, and stack it with a Target printable coupon good on Pampers diapers for $1. If you find a Target Carwheel offer for the product as well, you can triple stack your savings. This is a great way to get the diapers you need for less since you can stack various savings offers.

4. Request coupons.

Send emails to your favorite diaper brands and ask nicely for any savings they may available. They may very well send you high value coupons, free coupons, or even free samples. It never hurts to ask, just be polite and see what happens! You can find contact forms on the web pages of all of your favorite brands.

5. Give them a “Like”

“Like” your favorite diaper brands on Facebook and you will have the chance to request freebies, print coupons, enter contests, and more. This is a great way to really be in the know and take advantage of any money saving offers.

6. Buy secondhand.

This is not as creepy as it sounds. Many consignment shops offer unopened packages of diapers that mothers have brought it when their baby outgrew the size. You also often see mothers getting rid of diapers that are too small on Craigslist or eBay. Take a peek and if the savings is substantial enough, take advantage of the offer.

7. Check out wholesale stores.

You may be able to get deals at wholesale stores such as Sam’s Club. You may be able to split the cost of a jumbo sized package with a friend and save even more. Browse your local wholesale store and see if the savings is significant.

Don’t stress about spending big bucks on diapers again. Instead, give these tips a go and see how you can keep your baby diapered for less.…

5 Household Uses for Alka Seltzer!

Alka Seltzer!When you have heartburn or stomach discomfort, you know the saying. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, oh what a relief it is! is an old tried and true motto that many have come to live by. Sure Alka Seltzer is great for treating your symptoms and making you feel better faster, but did you know that you can use Alka Selzer for so much more? This little tablet can really pack a punch and help you in other ways around the house. Want to know more? Take a look below at 5 household uses for Alka Seltzer that you can try today!

5 Household Uses for Alka Seltzer:

1. Make your toilet sparkle.

If you want to clean your toilet in a hurry, all you need to do is grab a few Alka Seltzer tablets. The citric acid in them works hard at removing stains and built up gunk. Just toss two in the bowl, wait about 15 minutes, and flush. No scrubbing required!

2. Make your own all purpose cleaner.

You can make your own all purpose cleaner using Alka Seltzer in a variety of ways. When mopping, just drop a tablet in your mop water. When cleaning the bathroom, fill your sink with water and add a tablet. Or, when cleaning various rooms of the house, fill a spray bottle with water and add 1-2 crumbled tablets. In all cases, just use the solution on your messy surfaces, scrub, and rinse.

3. Remove burnt food from dishes.

If you have burnt sauce or other food particles stuck to your dishes, just fill your sink with warm water and add 3 tablets. Allow your dishes to soak and watch the baked on food just melt away. This is so easy and gentle on your dishes.

4. Whiten your laundry.

Fill your sink with warm water and add a tablet or two. Then, soak your dingy shirts, socks, undershirts, etc. The powerful effervescence will brighten your whites and get them looking nice and clean. Adding the tablets to your washing machine is not advised. Be sure to soak first as directed and then toss the items in your machine.

5. Freshen your fridge.

If you have garlicky foods or fish in your fridge it can really leave a stench. Banish the smell by placing a coffee cup full of warm water and one tablet in your fridge. Allow it to sit in your fridge for a couple hours to help combat the smell. If it is really bad, use the solution in the cup after the few hours is up to wipe out the fridge shelving.

See how easy and fun it can be to use Alka Seltzer in various ways? It can sure come in handy around the house when you need to do a little cleaning and freshening up. Alka Seltzer can be found at your local retail store for less than a few dollars (and often FREE), so be sure to stock up and in turn, enjoy a frugally fresh and clean home!…

10 Ways to Help Turn Your Hobby Into a Business!

Are you the creative and crafty type? How many times have you made something and heard the compliment, “You should sell that?” If you have a hobby you are passionate about, whether it be creating handmade jewelry, baking, sewing, painting, or even playing a musical instrument, you should know that your skills are valuable and marketable.


Many consumers who are not as skilled in the same area as you are always willing to pay for such talent and, because of this, you can easily turn your hobby into a business. You may not evolve into a Fortune 500 company (but hey, you never know!) but you will at least make some extra income doing something you really enjoy.

When is the last time you did that? If you want to know more about how you too can enjoy the luxury of making money doing what you love, take a look below at our list of 10 ways to help turn your hobby into a business.

10 Ways to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business:

1. Identify your skill.

First, identify your strength. What is your special skill? Once you can identity it, you can move forward to start marketing it. Are you an artist? Are you skilled at making jewelry? Perhaps flower arranging or cookie making is your strength. Whatever it is, identify it.

2. Determine your buyer.

Who would be interested in purchasing this product? Children? Mothers? Students? Just as you needed to identify your skill, you now want to identify who your buyer will be. This will help you determine where the best place to market your skills is. Just look back and see who has shown interest in your skill before.

3. Figure out what your skill is worth.

If you sew, you need to decide if you will charge by the hour or piece. If you bake, you need to decide how to price your items. Pricing your skill is hard and quite often people sell themselves short. Determine how much expense goes into each item you create as well as how much time in order to come up with a price that is fair to you and your buyer.

4. Decide where to market.

Now that you established your skill, prices, and buyer, where do you want to market your product? Your options range from an online store at eBay, Etsy, or Tophatter. Or, you can do local art and crafts shows if you wish. Perhaps local bazaars and flea markets may be an ideal market for you, or you can even do work for hire and advertise yourself in your local paper. In the beginning, there is a lot of trial and error when deciding where to sell your product. Don’t get discouraged and instead give several of these options a try until one or even more works well for you!

5. Advertise yourself.

When you are promoting your own business, the only person who will advertise for you is you! Take advantage of the free business card promotions offered by Vistaprint. Pass your cards out at local shows you to or to family and friends. You can also place ads on free local online forums if you wish. Create a Facebook page for your business and have your friends “like” it and spread the word. The more people who know about you, the more business you can get.

6. Network with people who share your passion.

Find local groups online of people who share your passion. If you are a crafter or baker, there are tons of groups on Facebook you can join to meet people like you and share your skill. This is a great way to share ideas, learn about new shows and markets in the area you can take advantage of and so much more. Networking is a great way to expand your business.

7. Always be willing to sample your services.

If you bake and know a child having a party, send over a dozen cupcakes and your business cards. Guests will want to know who made the yummy cupcakes, and the hostess will pass on your card. If you make jewelry, paint, make flower arrangements or some other craft, donate a piece to a local charity auction along with your business card. By giving freebies away, you are opening yourself up to new customers.

8. Be willing to learn more.

As you go along trying to make a business out of your hobby, always be willing to learn more. You need to accept suggestions, especially from your customer, to see how you can improve. By listening and learning, you can only get better and improve your business.

9. Start small.

Don’t go for the gold all at once. For example if you craft, start off by renting a small table at a local craft show to see how you do. Then, you may wish to expand to a larger market or a booth at a local shop where you pay a monthly rental fee. Start small and get a feel for the business before jumping into something that may be more than you can handle.

10. Pay Uncle Sam.

If you are going to be selling at a considerable number or shows or markets, or if you are selling large quantities on eBay or Etsy, you will want to be sure you get a Tax ID number so you can collect and pay sales tax. This is not difficult to do, just visit the official website of your state and you can get signed up for one there.

There are so many success stories of people who took their hobby and turned it into a great way to earn additional income. With so many people searching for unique and handmade items, or tasty homemade bakery treats and creations, there are plenty of ways to turn your skills into cash. Give these ten tips some thought and perhaps you too will be inspired to turn your own hobby into a business you can be proud of. Good luck!…